ECTS Calculation

At University of Zakho the ECTS for any module can be calculated based on hours that the module needs per week. If a module has theoretical (T) hours per week and practical/tutorial (PT) per week, the ECTS will be calculated as follows:

Theoretical hours per week (TperW) will multiply by 1.5 (Workload hours/Week), then the results will be add to the TperW, i.e.,

Where TH refers to Theoretical Hours.

If the module has practical/tutorial (PT) hours, then the total number of hours of PT will be divided by 2 and then will be added to Eq. (1) as follows:

Where TPH refers to Theoretical and Practical Hours.

All the results from the above calculations are weekly based, and since the semester consists of 15 weeks then the result of Eq. (2) will be multiplied by 15 weeks as follows:

Where TT refers to total hours per semester.

The result of Eq. (3) becomes semester based and will be divided by 25 hours as each ECTS is equivalent to 25 hours of classes and self-study. Hence

The result of Eq. (4) must be an integrated number (i.e., numbers without decimal places). In case the result was a fraction number, then it must be rounded to the nearest integer or it be cut off to become an integer. The latter case can be decided by scientific committee at the department. For example, COA02320 module has 2 hours as a theory (TperW) and 2 hours as a practical (PT) per week. First applying Eq. (1) as follows:

By applying Eq. (2) we get:

This was the result of the total number of hours per week. Now, to calculate the total number of hours per semester, Eq.(3) needs to be applied as follows:

Now, to get the ECTS for COA02320 module, Eq. (4) will be performed as follows:

Here, the result of ECTS is cut off to become 4 ECTS as it is sufficient to be assigned for COA02320 module.