Graduation Requirements & Academic Achievement
  • Graduation requirements: In order to qualify for graduation, students shall
    • A student who achieves a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.6 on both semester and cumulative averages, as well as any required minimum grade(s) in specified module(s), is in normal status and may proceed in his/her degree programe.
    • have completed the curriculum requirements of their degree programmes with a minimum grade point average of 2.8, and
    • have fulfilled any additional requirements specified by the degree plan
    • Students with outstanding debt to the Faculty / College, such as library or equipment loans etc. will not be given their degree until such time as these are cleared.
  • Academic Achievement:
    • The Faculty/College shall recognize those students who achieve high academic standing in their programes on a semester basis and finishing their study within the regular graduation period by publishing a Honours list.
    • Students must achieve either a semester GPA of 3.6 or higher, for their names to be included in the Honours list. Students who have been expelled, warned and/or penalized for misconduct will not qualify for this distinction, even if they achieve the required grade.
    • Students whose names are displayed on the Honours list will receive a letter of recognition signed by the Dean of the Faculty/College.