Module Workload Distribution (ECTS-Based)

Based on BP, ECTS can be collected through achieving and accomplishing tasks that are distributed over semesters by counting hour. The total number of hours of each module is distributed over the following tasks and activities:

  • Theoretical lecture hours (Active process);
  • Practical/tutorial lecture hours (Active process);
  • Class activities hours (students’ contribution within class hour) and communication hours with the teacher through office hour;
  • Hours for various scientific projects;
  • Home-work and assignments hours;
  •  Preparation hours for exams;
  • Exam hours;
  • Any other activities that can be assigned and specified by the teacher of the module. However, these activities need to be scientifically defined and related to the module topics.

A special form (module workload distribution hours) is prepared to record and count the hours for each student and another form is prepared for assessment (Students assessment form). These forms will be filled for each semester. Appendix A shows the sample of the “module workload distribution hours”. While, Appendix B shows “Students assessment form”.