Pass and Fail Criteria
  • A student is considered ‘success’ in a semester if s/he got a grade not less than 60% in all modules.
  • A student will get a chance to perform the second attempt of the final exam, one week later announcing the results of the first attempt final exam.
  • In case, students did not pass the second attempt final exam, s/he will get a last chance to perform a final exam at the beginning of next academic year (usually in September) for the third and last attempt.
  • Within the academic year, the student will be allowed to perform the next semester even if s/he fails in all modules of the current semester. However, the student needs to succeed in all the failed modules in the third attempt exam in order to pass to the next academic year. 
  • If the student does not succeed even after performing the second attempt, s/he will repeat the whole academic year and has to follow all the regulations of that year.
  • Students' ranking will be calculated (from 100%) at the end of the academic year after performing two semester.