Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in a specific context can be described as a number of practices, policies and steps that are prepared to achieve, develop and maintain quality in higher education. The process of QA and its development is considered as one of the main strategies in the University of Zakho. The implementation of this process aims to reassure the citizens and the society of the quality of educational level at the University of Zakho as well as the value of the certificate granted by the University. Accordingly, the instructions of this process has been designed and regulated in a manner that is appropriate with the Bologna system principles. Therefore, for evaluating the quality of BP implementation at the University of Zakho; the following indicators are used:

  • Educational process evaluation and making sure that that the modules’ level, credits, delivery and assessment are compatible with BP.
  • One of the responsibilities of quality assurance at the University is that to make sure that the study begins and ends in the allocated time.
  • To make sure that the students are provided with the adequate information about BP so that to be fully informed about this system implementation.
  • Continuous monitoring on departments through a special form which has been designed by BP committee to make sure that BP is implemented appropriately.
  • Continuous monitoring on social activities module and giving confirmation letter when the students fulfill the required hours.
  • Evaluating BP by the teaching staff and the students every year to find out the strengths and weaknesses of implementing this system at the University of Zakho.